HR Technology Development Startup Company in India is a HR Technology Development (Startup) Company, [We started under domain vHRsSaaS.Com, then we moved everything under TalentsHunt.Com] Building a series of technology solution to simplify and improve the entire Human Resource Management Life cycle, We understand that a set of well synchronized people are the keys to make any organization successful, so a ‘right fit’ person can makes huge difference in any organization.
We are building various solution HR Professionals, Recruiters, Corporate HR Our two component has been developed & ready, capable enough to serve the intended customers, But Yes, we are continuously improving and optimizing to become the Best very soon.
We are young, we are startup, Yes, now we hardly have anything to talk about “We”, but we are in process of forming the team the real “We”, As of now everything has been conceptualized and developed under single person’s leadership, We are looking for leadership team for this project to take this to next level.
Please don't be hesitated to ask question, we love to hear from curious people like you. Simply write a few lines to support(at)

HR Software Development Startup Company in India

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