Here are few upcoming Features in HR System
Psycho-Metrics Analysis:
We are working on two different area for this metrics, First one will help in recruitment process to understand the overall tendency/interest/goal of the candidate. and the second one for employee evolution in every six months, that will help to understand the gap between employee's goal and organization expectation, which will eventually help both employee and organization to map their short-term and long-term goals.
Periodical Trend Analysis:
This analysis will depend on few external parameters like currency rate, gold price, life style of any particular location
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Note: We are very small team, so if you have any special interest in new features, or you want to be associated with us, please feel free to write us at vhrssaas(at)gmail(dot)com with link of your linkedin profile.
We are also looking for Psychologist & Leadership team to be a part of this journey & to make this project successfull.
We believe in learning everyday, so feel free to write us at vhrssaas(at)gmail(dot)com.
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