Applicant Tracking System | ATS for Recruiters

More Applicants, Quality interviews, Streamlined Process, Get Better Joining Ratio. We can customize this ATS for your organization, A complete customised ATS Enterprise Solution for Recruiters, Make recruitment easy
Applicants Tracking System for Professional Recruitment

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applicant tracking system

ATS for Professional Recruiters

ATS can increase business efficiency by 25 to 40 %
  • Manage Candidate Database
  • Create Group, Send email for new Openeing
  • Let candidates submit their profile, make changes any time
  • Create and shoot emailer for new opening
applicant tracking system for recruitment
ats for professional Recruitment

Capture every small details of candidate during interview, Every round of interview details are being captured.

So next interviewer will know, what action to be taken for this round of interview.
  • Post job to your own portal
  • Let your client login and manage their jobs any time
  • Let candidates submit their profile, make changes any time
  • Create & Manage Multiple HR Consultant, Keep track of their activity
applicant tracking system
customised ats for recruiters
Create & Manage Multiple HR Consultant, Keep track of their activity.
Easy to manage everyone, every task.
You can concentrate on business expansion.

Customised Applicant Tracking System Professional Recruitment

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Why do employers use applicant tracking systems? Applicant tracking systems (known as ATS) help employers & recruiters to save time and paper and help them stay organized.

  • Branding:

    Any business is highly competitive today, making new client is very tough job until we show them some value added service, ATS helps creating Brand Awareness of recruitment service by setting up a transparent system upfront. Customised ATS for Recruiters

  • Cost Saving:

    ATS also helps in reducing dependency on external source of job seekers data, over the period of time your ATS database will have enough data to find out right candidate for regular requirement, so you don’t have to pay any external portal, thus you will save huge money. Applicant Tracking System for Recruitment

  • Business Development:

    ATS will help you to get more clients, the ATS-client module will provide your client an easy interface to register, update and post daily requirement, and reduce human dependency, thus improve better customer experience

When applicants apply for any job on portal, their contact information, experience, educational background, resume, and cover letter are uploaded in database. The information then can be transferred from one component of the system to another as candidates move through the hiring process. easy to find information any point of time.

Most major employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to collect, store, and evaluate job-candidate data, This will be the perfect solution for any recruitment organization. Applicant tracking system for job seekers, applicant tracking system for staffing agencies, applicant tracking system for recruiters

How your own customised Applicant Tracking System will look like ?

We will set up this Applicant Tracking System with custom stylish layout that will help in your brand building, marketing & promote your business, below are the few examples of layout

applicant tracking system for Recruitment
applicant tracking system for Recruiters
How much will cost ?

We provide best competitive price in this type of service category, our goal is to support every small and mid business, make them compete with big brand in market, we technologically support them and remove any obstacle in the way.

So, let’s connect, let us know your requirement. Best competitive price is assured.

We provide best customised ATS solution to speed up your recruitment business

Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

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